Fundamentals: 3 Month Mindfulness Journey


Fundamentals: 3 Month Mindfulness Journey


Taking on a personal meditation practice can feel overwhelming and daunting. What kind of meditation? What time of day? How long should I meditate? When will I start noticing the benefits? How will I know if I am doing it right? 

This 3 month mindfulness journey will teach you the fundamentals of an insight meditation practice + simple techniques that you can use in your everyday life to help bring more clarity, peace & compassion. 

I will: 

- Help you create a tailored meditation practice that is both practical and useful for your schedule and goals.

- Give you my "backpack" of tools that you can use anytime, anywhere to press pause on your stress responses & infuse your life with more peace and presence. 

- Teach you tricks to hack your meditation practice so that you can get the most out of it in a short amount of time.

- Help you create healthy habits that will benefit and boost the positive impact of your mindfulness practices.

- Create a safe and supportive environment for you to ask questions, challenge your fears, and swap ideas. 

- Be your personal cheerleader and guide along the way. 


How we will work together: 

In bi-monthly Skype or FaceTime calls for 1 hour where we will practice together, review your progress, ask questions, journal & create goals that empower you. 


Who this is for:

- Those who are new to a meditation practice.

- Meditators ready to take their commitment to the next level who need & want support. 

- Yogi's who have a hard time quieting the mind off the mat.

- Business owners hoping to add a bit of peace into their day-to-day hustle.

- Students who need help focusing.

- Anyone interested in deepening their sense of self-confidence, peace & joy.


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