We heal in layers. 


 We heal in pieces.

We are snakes, slowly shedding our skin and emerging anew. We transform through the fires of sorrow and fear and grief. We become strong in the face of our darkness. We heal by integrating. We heal by listening. We heal by slowing down, by opening, by softening. We heal in the presence of our authentic selves. When we come home to that space, we shed and release our tension, the beliefs that no longer serve, the self-sabotage, and the anger. We heal when we feel. And this is not a process to rush.

The process is the gift. 

Open. Keep opening. In the unfolding we will all find the thing we have been looking for. Layer by layer. Piece by piece. Right here. 



Facing life decides whether you are fulfilled or not. When you face your life you win, you are fulfilled. This is the secret we all know and this is the only thing we do not want to do.
— Yogi Bhajan



I am a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher based in Portland, OR. I work with people who are ready to let go of their negative and self-sabotaging behavior to embrace a more abundant and joyful life. I let my compassion and heart guide me, but I am a no-nonsense and straightforward teacher. I teach meditation, yoga & mindfulness practices to cut through the limitations, distractions, habits, and beliefs that keep people feeling stuck and out of alignment with their true selves. I help people cultivate a relationship to their own inner wisdom so that they may make choices intuitively (instead of reactively) and feel a sense of peace and lightness. I work with people one-on-one virtually and in person to develop tailored practices that fit their lifestyle and awaken their sense of purpose in the world. To learn more, go here.